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Our products form the AI operating system for any greenhouse, supporting the daily operations of any grower, anywhere.



Source Track is the hardware-neutral platform to track, compare and improve cultivations. Track helps you manage more hectares more effectively by digitizing the greenhouse. Source Track also ensures your greenhouse becomes AI ready.
  • One platform to track everything that makes or breaks cultivation
  • Easy insights sharing across multiple facilities
  • Plant measurements become more consistent, granular and fast using the Source app


Source Cultivate helps you as a grower determine the best cultivation strategy, simulating the development of your crop across the whole season. It allows you to model different cultivation strategies, and see the impact on production, resource usage and plant development. We tailor Source Cultivate to specific cultivars, helping them to create extremely high accuracy predictions of yield, harvest weight, and many other factors.
  • Yield simulations for the whole season
  • Expected resource usage modeling for your facility
  • Sparring partner to find the optimal cultivation strategy


Source Control can autonomously control greenhouse systems. For example, our AI-based Irrigation Control module executes the grower’s irrigation strategy, ensuring that exact irrigation targets such as dry-down are always met by accurately predicting radiation intensity after the last irrigation, instead of only looking at past radiation.
  • AI-based daily irrigation strategies
  • Optimal and consistent execution of daily operations
  • Your greenhouse control co-pilot

Growers + Source = Superpowers

Empowering greenhouse growers with AI. Giving them superpowers to improve their business results, reduce risk in their operations and grow in size.

Source Track

Greenhouse monitoring and digitization; become AI ready

Source Cultivate

Yield simulation & cultivation strategy; your AI cultivation support

Source Control

Your greenhouse co-pilot; scale your execution power with AI

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