A.I. powered hi-tech indoor farms

the source of a healthier tomorrow.


Our Vision

We believe every person has the right to a healthy diet and a healthy planet. That’s why we’re developing pioneering technology to democratize access to sufficient fruit and vegetables without breaking our planetary boundaries.


We need to rethink our global food system

  • 50% More food is needed to feed 9.5 billion people
  • 20% lower crop yield is expected 
due to climate change
  • 70% of all freshwater is already used by agriculture today
  • 45% of people don’t have access to enough fruit and vegetables

Technology will drive the future of farming

We believe A.I. powered indoor farms are an answer to safer, more reliable and climate-resilient food production. Innovation in the way we grow our fruit and vegetables is swiftly needed to nourish the world’s growing population in a durable, resource efficient manner. 

  • Climate resilient

    In the face of our climate crisis, indoor farms provide higher food security under increasingly challenging weather conditions, as they can protect crops against extreme heat, cold, rainfall and pests.

  • 20 times less water

    Indoor farmed fruit and vegetables require up to 20 times less water compared to traditional farming. This can help us reduce the water usage required for our food production.

  • 15 times more yield

    Due to advanced techniques that create optimal growth conditions for plants nearly all year round, indoor farms can produce up to 15 times more yield than under field conditions.

  • Give land back to nature

    Today almost 40% of our global land surface is used for agriculture. Increasing the crop yield per farm, allows us to give scarce arable land back to nature.

  • Lower pollution

    Indoor farms eliminate fertilizer run-off (as excess fertilizer is recycled and reused) and limits the use of pesticides. In contrast, in an average agricultural field about 50% of the nitrogen from fertilizers ends up in our waterways while pesticides use cannot be contained, causing various environmental problems.


Meet Arthur & Cyprus. 
Part of our team.

We have partnered with the world’s leading growers to build the sector’s most advanced artificial intelligence. Our proprietary algorithms enable growers to operate more facilities more efficiently, making indoor farming accessible, profitable and globally scalable.

A.I. One - The Planner


Cyprus defines and optimizes the cultivation strategy in a constantly changing environment, by simulating the balance between plant growth and resource usage.

A.I. Two - The Executer


Arthur collaborates with the different greenhouse systems to help execute the cultivation strategy, while constantly adapting to changing external conditions.

The Impact

On a mission to provide more fruit and vegetables to more people, using less resources

The Impact

On a mission to provide more fruit and vegetables to more people, using less resources


A team with collaboration at its core

Reinventing the future of farming requires the brightest minds in tech and agriculture to closely collaborate. We’re using our combined expertise in A.I., science and farming to do our part in helping the planet. 

Join our team

Our team is growing and we’re looking for talented people who want to help us change the global food system. Please check out our careers page for more info and all vacancies.

We're currently looking for:

We’re proudly partnering with

  • Wonderland


    The MIT media lab affiliated venture fund focused on taking the biggest ideas at the intersection of technology, design, biology and engineering, deploying them to the real world, and scaling them for greatest impact.

  • Wonderland

    Agrocare Growers

    One of the world’s largest and most innovative tomato growers, operating high tech greenhouses across Europe and North Africa.

  • Wonderland

    Harvest House

    An international association of growers that together forms one of the largest distributors of greenhouse grown produce in Europe.

  • Wonderland

    Rainbow Growers Group

    A world leading greenhouse pepper grower, exporting their vegetables to over 30 countries.

  • Wonderland

    Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects

    One of the world’s leading high tech greenhouse design and engineering firms.

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