Bringing positive change to the
food system

Our Purpose

Create a sustainable and fair food system by accelerating the transition to greenhouse agriculture

Our Story:

Climate change is challenging the productivity of agricultural land

To meet our future demand for food in a sustainable way, we need to build more greenhouses

The Netherlands has decades of experience with sustainable greenhouse food production

However, globally 9 out of 10 kilograms of produce is still grown on open fields

What would it take to bring the
rest of the world at par with the Dutch?

The key challenge is to make it easier to operate a greenhouse, a skill that takes years to master

So we need to find a way to make knowledge more scalable and accessible

Therefore we’re developing the world’s first Artificial Grower, an A.I. platform that acts as an autopilot for growers

Together with our partners we plan to build a distributed global network of greenhouses

Want to join the cause?