Plant Scientist

Data Science

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Job Description

What you will do:

As a Plant Scientist at, you are the linking pin between Artificial Intelligence and Plant Science through hands-on research & development and helping our team to better understand the fascinating world of plants.

You will collaborate with our Data & Plant Scientists to better understand how plants develop and grow in a controlled environment and how climate, irrigation and crop handling can be used to steer the plants and drive the total yield up, while limiting the resources used. You will work with our product teams to translate this knowledge into data-driven algorithms and tools that can be leveraged by our users to improve their operations.



  • Translate complex relationships that drive crop development and growth into causal relations and explore counterfactual analysis

  • Design and build simulations of crop development and growth based on plant physiology and mathematical models

  • Test and improve physiological models using historical datasets of real-world greenhouse operations

  • Design & run experiments in greenhouses to validate models and generate data to build new ones

  • Work in a multi-disciplinary environment with specialists in machine learning, optimization, software engineering and agronomy

  • Team up & closely work with our existing team of Plant Scientists

We’re looking for someone with:

  • MSc or Ph.D. degree in Plant Sciences, Bioinformatics, or Computational biology

  • 2+ years experience, ideally working at phenotype models for (vine) crops

  • Familiarity with the horticulture industry

  • Strong analytical skills to translate biological problems into appropriate models, and to interpret and translate results back into concrete actions

  • Ability to quickly process and summarize scientific literature in a wide range of plant physiological topics

  • Proven track record of developing and deploying plant physiology models and/or tools

  • Proficiency in a mathematical or statistical programming language (e.g. R, Python, Matlab)

  • Good presentation and communication skills with the ability to explain complex analytical concepts to people from other fields

And who likes to:

  • Learn and master new technologies, techniques, and skills

  • Build data-driven models that help understand biology and the development of plants

  • Explore the unknown and challenge the status quo

  • Think unsupervised and is not afraid to speak up

  • Engage in both technical and execution challenges and strategic discussions that are naturally part of an early-stage start-up

  • Have a positive impact on the environment and society

  • Work with a diverse group of fun and ambitious people